National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP)
National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP)

Name of Scheme: National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP)

Project Area: All Districts (except Chennai)

1. Agricultural Mechanisation
a) Introduction of newly developed agricultural1 machinery / implements
b) Popularising conventional machinery / implements.

2. Dry Land Development
 a) Plastic lined farm pond with portable sprinkler unit
b) Unlined farm pond
c) Compartmental Bunding

3. Establishment of land resources inventory and GIS data base
Digitisation of cadastral maps of potential crop growing villages

Benefits offered (Subsidy): 50% subsidy assistance is provided to farmers for purchasing (Subsidy) newly developed agricultural machinery/ implements such as mini combine harvester, multi crop thrasher, paddy transplanter , post hole digger etc., and 25% subsidy assistance or the ceiling limit prescribed by the Government of India whichever is less, is provided to farmers for purchasing conventional machinery / implements such as power tiller, rotavator, cultivator, offset disc harrow, disc plough etc.,The dry land development works are taken up with 90% grant and 10% farmers’ contribution.

Eligibility: All farmers

Time-limit for Implementation: Works will be completed within the financial year.

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